A 15 year old Magnos native, Dazz is an attractive young man and has never had any trouble charming people with his good looks and quick-witted personality. Growing up poor in a troubled home, Dazz learned to rely on his combination of cuteness and street savvy to get what he wanted.

While not a conventionally "bad" or malicious person, his poor living conditions and dependence on using deception and seduction to survive has somewhat skewed his moral compass.

This draw toward the dark side took a drastic turn for the worse when Dazz began studying the occult magics of Faustianism.

This dark magic requires a lot of study to succeed at, but Dazz had to improvise and learn on his own without anyone guiding or protecting him.

Faustianism involves making a pact with a Greater Demon, exchanging the Faustian's soul for the knowledge of powerful blood magic.

After learning what he could, Dazz believed he was ready to find a patron Greater Demon to pledge his soul to.

He began searching through the dark spirit realm, and eventually came into contact with a Greater Demon.

Dazz was easily impressed by the promises of power spoken to him by the Demon.

The Demon sensed the desperation in Dazz, and as Demons are known to do, it began scheming.

The proper rituals and contracts were not drawn, and Dazz quickly offered up his soul for the promises of blood magic.

Having not been properly bound to its promises, the Demon snatched Dazz's soul from his body, immediately vanishing back into the void, leaving Dazz not only soulless and without any blood magic skills, but also emotionally abandoned.