3 Stories Gaming is a small indie studio located in the United States. We pride ourselves on creating high quality, unique games.

The Features

+ An engaging single player story full of humor and charm directly inspired by Earthbound, the Monkey Island series, and Undertale

+ An incredibly robust and deep crafting system, challenging you to think outside the box to find new combinations of materials and ingredients to combine into hundreds of useful items

+ Granular UI and sound customization options so that your experience can be tailored to your preferences

+ Beautiful and unique pixel art style with fluid, detailed animations

+ 21 equipment slots, with each piece of equipment/clothing being fully visible on your character - mix and match them for a totally unique look!

+ Mining, harvesting, and forestry systems to gather additional resources for crafting and more

+ MMO style combat, featuring auto-attack, a skill bar for spells and combat skills, skill trees, experience gain, and various leveling systems

+ Time and weather systems with direct effects on your gameplay

+ A rich and vastly fleshed out universe to explore, with tons of hidden areas and secrets to find

+ An original soundtrack featuring music in a variety of genres produced in a style reminiscent of Sega Genesis era chiptunes, with a modern twist