Hundreds of useful and wonderful items can be crafted in the worlds of Magnos.

All it takes is the right materials and a little ingenuity.

Simply place items into the crafting slots.

If you combine the right things, an item will appear in the result slot.

The higher your level in various tradeskills, the more items you'll be able to craft.

You'll also gain experience from crafting!

+ An engaging single player sci-fantasy story

+ Beautiful and unique pixel art style with fluid, detailed animations

+ 15 equipment slots, with each piece of equipment/clothing being fully visible on your character - mix and match them for a totally unique look!

+ MMO style combat, featuring auto-attack, a skill bar for spells and combat skills, skill trees, experience gain, and various leveling systems

+ Time and weather systems with direct effects on your gameplay

+ A rich and vastly fleshed out universe to explore, with tons of hidden areas and secrets to find

+ An original soundtrack featuring music in a variety of genres produced in a style reminiscent of Sega Genesis era chiptunes, with a modern twist