Mr. Quicksilver goes far beyond the label “eccentric”. It’s really quite unknown if he is a native of Magnos

or from some wacky dimension where his behavior makes sense.


Strange characters are not uncommon in Magnos, but what sets Qyliz apart

is his seemingly endlessly immense wealth, making him a dangerous combination of crazy and rich.

Qyliz Quicksilver somehow corrupts, ruins, or destroys everything he sets his sights on,

and his ability to buy his way in and out of everything greatly annoys the general population of Magnos.

Even still, his outlandish personality and flamboyant clothing keep him in the public eye, and he eats up all the attention he can get.

Qyliz is wildly selfish, and his unpredictable moods and behavior make him

someone you wouldn’t want to trust - that is if you can even stand to be around him.