In the beginning, the Angels were immortal. Over time, the Angels bloodline has thinned, and they have lost their immortality.

Though the Angels blood simply isn't what it used to be, it still holds great powers.

All the Angels are linked together through their blood.

When one Angel makes a decision or an action, it affects all of them.

Therefore, their people operate as one collective unit. Whatever one Angel speaks into being will be felt by all others.

As a collective, the Angels are very careful with their decisions. They all understand the weight behind their actions, so they act with much deliberation among their people.

This system of group decision making worked very well for quite some time, until one fateful day changed everything.

One day, Riley, a very young and rebellious Angel was out in the fields when a stranger approached him.

"I can offer you great wealth and fame, in exchange for just a small piece of your land," he said.

The young Angel knew that this would be a terrible decision, and one that would get him into much trouble with the rest of his people.


He declined the man's offer.

"If you change your mind," said the stranger, "I will be out here in this very spot, waiting for you."

Riley went back to the village and asked his parents why the man would want to own a piece of Dyanis, the Fields of Gold.

As far as he knew, it was nothing but rolling hills and babbling brooks.

When he told them what had happened, his parents were aghast, for they knew exactly what the man wanted.

For the Golden Angels, actions are entirely permanent.

The child's parents knew that if the man were to be granted ownership of their land, there would be no taking it back, no matter

how terribly he abused it.

They strictly forbade their son from ever speaking to the man again.

That night, Riley tossed and turned in his bed.

Oh, how he imagined the great wealth that was promised to him. He fantasized about leaving the simple life of the Angels

and being someone of great importance in the outside world.

"I don't want this life," he thought to himself, "and I'm not going to let anyone stop me from achieving greatness."


He slept, dreaming of the wonderful life he would soon have.

The next morning, the boy eagerly arose from bed and got dressed.

He ran into the fields as fast as he could to find the man who had approached him.

The stranger was waiting for him, just like he said he would be.

"I want wealth! I want power!" the boy said. "I don't care about this stupid backwards tribe, take all our land, it's yours!"


The man smiled and handed Riley a small white card with a strange face emblazoned upon it.

"Take this into Xuolia and show it to the bouncer outside the Afterdark Lounge, and he will let you inside.

There, an associate of mine will be waiting for you to help get acquainted to the lifestyle of great fame and fortune."

He also handed Riley a huge sack of Astral Diamonds, and out from the thick trees walked a pack mule,

draped in finely dyed blankets and carrying saddle bags full of precious gemstones.

In his foolishness, the boy had spoken his words into being.

He didn't just give the man ownership of a small piece of land like he originally asked for, he gave him the entire golden fields.

Immediately, all the Angels reeled from the decision they felt being made.

The boy's parents cried out, and ran into the fields to find him.

No one ever found the boy, nor the stranger, ever again.


No one knows what sort of life Riley is now living, or where he might be.