The 12 year old crown prince of Xuolia, this spoiled brat has lived quite the life of luxury - and he has the entitled arrogance to prove it. Mischievous and mean-spirited, he runs around the city of Xuolia like he owns the place, and he kind of does.

Silyrr, or “Prince Silyrr” as he insists on being called, possesses fantastic magical abilities,

far above the skill level of other High Elves his age, or well beyond.

Fortunately for the city and Magnos at large, despite his extremely aggressive and bullying attitude, Silyrr is not power-hungry.

He is content, insistent even, to remain the pampered child-prince of the royal family, and he has no interest in politics whatsoever.

Don’t mistake Prince Silyrr’s passive and lazy lifestyle for weakness, however. When he feels the need to assert his dominance and remind someone that he is, in fact, superior to them, he won’t hesitate to launch a fireball their way.


He also enjoys using his magic as entertainment and something to brag about.

Silyrr Xuolia’s life seems to be entirely based on enjoying his life of status and constantly trying to prove to everyone how good he has it.